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Region VII at a Glance

Region VII is comprised of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

There are 29 active chapters in Region VII and an additional 3 campuses with extension efforts underway in various phases of the process. See the "Section Information" page for details.


Region VII Staff

Region VII Chair Wendy Kane
Section 40 Chair James Busby
Section 41 Chair Joseph Esau
Section 43 Chair Marisa Ayon-Gordon
Section 44 Chair Stephanie Taylor
Section 45 Chair Summer Smith
Alumni Relations Chair

Alumni Associations Coordinator

Billy Russell

APO BOLD Coordinator

Kathryn Reagan
Chapter Financial Resources Committee Chair  
Charter Review Team  
Conferences Coordinator  
Diversity Council Representative  
Extension Outreach Chair  
Extension Support Chair  

WTAMU Sponsor

David Wilson
Internal Volunteer Development Chair Candace Barnhill
Leadership Development Chair  

Region VII Officer Retreat Director

Katy McReynolds
Membership Chair  
Service Chair  
Scouting & Youth Services Chair  
Social Media Coordinator  


Region VII History


Region VII Chair
Section 40 Chair
Section 41 Chair
Section 43 Chair
Section 44 Chair
Section 45 Chair
Those Who Served In National Leadership Positions


Region VII Distinguished Service Key Recipients
Region VII Awards
Phyllis Churchill Tenney (“Mrs. T”) Excellence in Advising Award
Herbert G. Horton - Service to Youth Award
National Distinguished Service Award
Joseph J. Scanlon National Certificate of Merit
Chapter of Excellence
Pledge Program of Excellence
H. Roe Bartle Award
Awards Bestowed by the National Convention


Region VII Conference
Section 40 Conference
Section 41 Conference
Section 43/44 Conference
Section 45 Conference
National Conventions held in Region VII


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